Implementation of the DarsGo system is Slovenia

As of 1 April 2018, Slovenia will introduce a modern electronic tolling system for vehicles with the maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tonnes (heavy vehicles).

Changes to the Toll Decree in 2018

Lots of changes in the motorway toll payment system from January

Information on the sale of county e-vignettes for 2017

Please note that, with effect from 1 December 2017, county e-vignettes for this year will no longer be available from NTPS Plc’s distributor partners.

Next year’s annual e-vignettes available for sale from early December

This year, the convenience service introduced last year will be available throughout the last month of the year: the sale of national annual and county e-vignettes for 2018 will commence on 1 December, a month in advance of the start of their term of validity.

E-tolls: successive fines are easy to avoid

The number of carriers using the fine alert and low balance warning services offered by the National Toll Payment Services Plc. free of charge is on the rise. These two functions largely contribute to the correct use of on-board units and enable road users to avoid successive fines. In view of the modification of the rules of the imposition of fines for unauthorized road use as of 12 November 2017, their importance is expected to increase.

Route tickets now also available in Bulgarian, Serbian and Slovenian

Three languages have been added to the list of languages in which the services of ‘kiosks’, i.e. the route planning devices located at the points of sale of the pay-as-you-go electronic toll charging system (HU-GO) are available. The National Toll Payment Services Plc. has opted for the addition of new languages to the existing package based on the toll declaration statistics of foreign road users. For years, Bulgarian, Serbian and Slovenian hauliers have represented a high ratio of route ticket buyers.

New customer-friendly improvements in the e-toll service system

Two important changes are being implemented by NTPS Plc. in connection with the HU-GO pay-as-you-go electronic toll collection system. The minimum value for low-balance warnings is changed to HUF 6,000 across the board in order to reduce the number of fines. Moreover, registered users will now be able to assign a phone number to each vehicle in order to enable the driver of the vehicle to be notified in the case of a failure of the on-board unit or any other technical defect.

Two-thirds of drivers buy e-vignettes only at fuel stations

Last year, customers contacted National Toll Payment Services (NTPS) Plc in 450,000 cases in some shape or form to request assistance with or information about matters related to road use authorizations. Despite this high number, the range of services offered by NTPS is still only known to a few, as shown by a survey conducted in 2016. It is astounding that only a third of the respondents were aware of the possibility to buy e-vignettes at NTPS Customer Service Offices.

Clerical errors in registration numbers and country codes can now be corrected also at Rajka and Hegyeshalom

Our Company’s points of sale at Rajka and Hegyeshalom are featuring a new service: our colleagues can now correct clerical errors in registration numbers and country codes on the spot if there is no excess charge associated with the specific case yet.

Things to look out for at the end of the year when buying a vignette

Year’s end, Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve is slowly upon us and lots of people are on the road, many of whom do not otherwise use toll roads during the year at all.

Opening hours of our customer service offices during the holidays

In the period between October 15 and 1 November 1, 2016

New customer service office in Budapest for the benefit of motorists

Based on the experience gained last year in connection with changes in the e-vignette system, and taking customer demands into consideration, National Toll Payment Services Plc decided to open a new customer service office in Budapest, in the South-Pest area. Opening the new office means that from now on, in a network covering the whole country, 18 customer service offices of NTPS will offer services to customers who want to purchase e-vignettes, pay road toll in the HU-GO system, or take care of issues that require them to personally visit an office.

Temporary service downtime at the Shell fuel stations on September 30, between midnight and 1:00 a.m.

According to the information of Shell Hungary Zrt., short interruptions can be expected in their online services on September 30, 2016, Friday, between midnight and 1:00 a.m. due to the maintenance of the satellite system. In this period, temporarily it will only be possible to purchase e-vignettes or HU-GO route tickets, or to top up balances at the Shell fuel stations periodically.

Temporary service outages to be expected due to planned system maintenance at OTP Bank ion 19 September 2016 between 02:00 a.m. and 06:00 a.m.

According to the information provided by OTP Bank, due to a planned system maintenance the payment function will be temporarily unavailable on the websites and of the NTPS on 19 September 2016, Monday, in the early hours.

Network maintenance on 18 September 2016 between 01:00 a.m. and 02:40 a.m.

Due to network maintenance, the sale of road use authorizations will be completely unavailable on 18 September 2016 between 01:00 a.m. and 02:40 a.m.

Due to maintenance on 9 September early in the morning, it will not be possible to buy an e-vignette via text message for 2 hours

Due to maintenance on 9 September 2016 early in the morning in the period between noon until 6:00 a.m., a downtime of 2 hours can be expected in the Mobile purchase service.

Due to the planned maintenance of the card system of OTP Bank, a temporary downtime can be expected in connection with online payment services

On 3 September 2016, Saturday, between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Temporary service unavailability expected due to scheduled maintenance of the OTP Bank card system

Between 1 am and 2.30 am on Sunday 28 August 2016